Expenses of Speeding

Speeding fits into a wide net of dangerous driving behaviors including aggressive driving, tailgating, weaving through heavy traffic, distracted and inattentive driving, drowsy driving, red light running, and failure to yield to right of way (Wisconsin Department of Transportation, December 14, 2019). All of these involve the driver not being attentive and present when driving. One way to eliminate your responsibility is to invest in a self-driving car but, the cheaper way is to claim liability of the potential danger that comes when you are not physically at your best. Being at your best can simply involve receiving enough sleep the night before, or, making sure that you leave early enough to reach your destination in a timely manner. Leave stress and other negative emotions outside of the vehicle. Speeding tickets cost; they risk you emptying your wallet and can prevent you from attaining nearby wants and goals. Speeding tickets can range from 200 to more than 800 dollars (Wisconsin Department of Transportation, December 14, 2019)!! For the average consumer, this is more than expenses for grocery, gas, a payment for a student loan, and rent. A quick decision to speed could leave you broke. Moreover, you risk insurance premiums, your license being suspended, and demerit points (Wisconsin Department of Transportation, December 14, 2019). The State of Wisconsin Depart of Education provides a tip to prevent you from receiving a driving ticket; slow down to maintain control of the vehicle. Slowing down “gives you more time and distance to avoid a collision” (Wisconsin Department of Transportation, December 14, 2019). Prevent and control what you can.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation, December 14, 2019, https://wisconsindot.gov/Pages/safety/education/drv-behavior/speeding.aspx