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Personal injury law rests on the common sense proposition that people have a duty to act responsibly. If they carelessly harm another person, they need to pay to restore that person to their position before the accident.Our firm goes above and beyond the call of duty for every client. From your first call until you receive your recovery, we will provide you with the best possible representation.

Practice Areas

Car Accidents

Car accidents are the leading cause of accidental injury and death across the country.Whether it was a collision with another car, person, or object, rollover, rear-end or front-end crash, The attorney’s at Buss Law, LLC will guide you through the process.  Learn More ->>

Motorcycle Wrecks

Motorcycle riders are in a unique position on the road. They are exposed to dangers not met by automobile drivers and other motorists. For this very reason Buss Law, LLC wants to make sure you understand your rights as a motorcyclist. Learn More ->>

Truck Accidents

Accidents with commercial trucks involve a very different set of issues then most car accidents. At Buss Law, LLC we understand the subtle difference and want to make sure your case is in good hands. Buss Law, LLC will handle your case  Learn More ->>

Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrians face some of the gravest dangers on the road. They have no structural protections, as car drivers and passengers do, nor do they wear helmets, as motorcycle drivers should. In these cases the victim can have sever injuries. At Buss Law, LLC we make sure you receive necessary compensation. Learn More ->>

Dog Bites

Dog bite injuries are serious, and may cause permanent, devastating damage. In most dog bite cases the victim requires hospitalization and can sustain psychological trauma. Resulting in thousands of dollars in medical bills. Our attorney’s at Buss Law, LLC make sure you receive proper compensation for your trauma. Learn More ->>

Bicycle Accidents

Bicycles are the one of the most exposed forms of transportation. No one expects to be seriously injured while biking, but when it happens make sure your case is in the best hands possible. Buss Law, LLC will make sure you get the results you deserve. Learn More ->>

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Traffic Violations?

Don't Fuss, Call Buss!

Buss Law is Milwaukee’s personal injury law firm. Along with auto accidents, and personal injury’s we also handle all traffic violations. Keep in mind, speeding is not the only traffic violation. If you run a red light, drive without a valid license, hit the road when impaired, drive a vehicle with burned-out headlights or fail to yield, you’ll be guilty of a traffic violation. Hiring a traffic lawyer gets you a competent professional with an in-depth understanding of federal laws and state and local traffic codes. The lawyer has probably spent several years defending clients in traffic courts, so you’ll feel confident having them on your side. We will evaluate the case brought against you, identify weakness and aggressively fight the ticket on your behalf.